Unity,  Integrity & Harmony of all the Sindhis


formed on:     October 2nd, 1998

National President:

Shri Parmanand Khattar  (Ex. Minister, Gujarat State)
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A member of the Council shall be a person who having been admitted according to these Rules shall have paid a subscription and shall not have ceased to be a member in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.

            Any SINDHI person of Indian sub-continent origin who has attained the age of majority living in any part of India or abroad shall be eligible for membership of the Council. The desirous person shall however make an application in the prescribed form :

Type of Membership
       The membership of the Council shall be of various types such as:-

(1)   Patron Members

(2)   Founder Members

(3)   Ordinary Members

(4)   Life Members

(5)   Active Members

(6)   Corporate Donor Members

(7)   Honorary Members

(1)   Patron Members
This will be a privileged Membership. The President of the Council on the advise of the Governing Body shall have right to invite not more than 10 eminent personalities from different disciplines whether Sindhi or Non Sindhi in a year. These Members shall not have voting rights.

(2)   Founder Members
These Members not exceeding 300 in number will be such individuals who are associated with the formation of the Council in its initial years. They will have voting rights and will enjoy special status and privileges to be decided by the Governing Body from time to time. These Members shall remain ‘FOUNDERS’ for their life time.

(3)   Ordinary Members
An ordinary Member shall get associated with the Council by making an application with a prescribed fees and on being admitted shall be entitled to various benefits provided through the different forums of the Council. He shall however not have any voting rights.

(4)   Life Members
Ordinary Member fulfilling certain conditions prescribed by the Governing Body shall submit a specified application form along with the prescribed fees. On being admitted as life member he shall be entitled to attend General Body Meeting and vote thereat.

(5)   Active Members
Any Member who introduces ten individuals who take primary/life Membership of the Council shall be entitled to become Active Members subject to compliance of other conditions if any prescribed by Governing Body. Active Members shall have a voting right.

(6)   Corporate / Donor Members
Various legal entities like Companies, Societies, Trusts etc. desirous of association themselves with the Council can be admitted at the discretion of Governing Body subject to fulfilment of certain basic conditions to be decided by the Governing Body from time to time. Such Membership shall however be on year to year basis and will have voting rights during the year of Membership. Persons who make a donation to the Council of an amount prescribed by Governing Body from time to time shall enjoy the status of a Donor Member. Such Donor Members will not have voting rights.

(7)   Honorary Members
The Governing Body shall  have a right to invite certain individuals to become Honorary Members on the Council. The number of such Members will however be not more than 5% of the total Members on any given date. These Members will not be required to pay any admission fees or subscription and they shall also not have any voting rights.


Persons desirous of becoming members of the Council will pay admission fees as is fixed from time to time by the Regional Council under whose Jurisdiction the place of residence of the desirous person is located. The fees structure to be charged by each Regional Council for different kinds of Membership will be got approved by the Regional Council from the Governing Body.


     Different types of the Council will pay such annual subscriptions which are fixed by the Regional Council of the Region of which the person concerned is member. Subscription fees structure to be charged by each Regional Council for different kinds of membership will be got approved by the Regional Council from the Governing Body.
     The annual subscription shall be payable within the first month of financial year and a Member getting admitted before September will pay subscription for whole year and members getting admitted after October will pay subscription for half year for the year of admission.


            On being admitted a person’s name shall be entered in the Register of Members maintained by the Council and said register shall be conclusive proof of contents mentioned therein. The register of national level Council shall be made as per the details provided by the Regional Councils.


            Name of a member shall be removed from the register when he ceases to be a member of the Society which can happen in following circumstances.

(A)   He resigns.

(B)   He dies.

(C)   He becomes an undischarged insolvent.

(D)   He becomes a man of unsound mind and stand so declared by the competent authority.

(E)    He is convicted by court of law for an offence involving moral turpitude.

(F)    He is expelled from the society in accordance with provisions of these Rules.


                        Any member of Council who shall steal, purloin or embezzle any money or other property, or wilfully and maliciously destroy or injure any property of such Council or shall forge any deed, bond, security for money, receipt or other instrument, whereby the funds of the Council may be exposed to loss, shall be subject to the same prosecution, and if convicted, shall be liable to be punished in like manner, as any person not a member would be subject and liable to in respect of the like offence.