Unity,  Integrity & Harmony of all the Sindhis


formed on:     October 2nd, 1998

National President:

Shri Parmanand Khattar  (Ex. Minister, Gujarat State)
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Main Demands of Sindhi Council Of India


       The following provisions / amendments be made in the Constitution to redress the grievances of Sindhi Community,

 (1)   Adequate representation in Lok Sabha, State Assemblies and Local bodies

 (2)   Benefits of Backward Class To Sindhis

 (3)   Establishment of National Commission for Sindhi Community

 (4)   Status Of Minority Community

 (5)   To Protect, Preserve and Promote Sindhi Language, Literature, Art and Culture.

 (6)   Development Board under Article 371 of the Constitution.

 Adequate representation in Lok Sabha, State Assemblies and Local bodies:

            To get freedom of India, on partition whole of Sindhi State was given away to Pakistan, therefore Sindhis were put in refugee camps and scattered in various parts of the country to stand on their legs and earn livelihood for their families. Therefore, they have no vote-pockets at one place like other communities, from where they can elect other own representatives. Hence, it is imperative to identity some areas in Indian States where Sindhis can live in sizeable numbers.

            We therefore, request that atleast 14 (Fourteen) seats in Lok Sabha, 7 (Seven) seats in Rajya Sabha, 15 (Fifteen) seats in every states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, where Sindhis are more then 10 lakhs in each state and 5 (Five) seats each in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and other such States, should be reserved for Sindhis so that they can get representation at par with other citizens of India. Such suitable amendments in Article 332 may be recommended or separate article inserted in the Constitution of India. Without special arrangement of reservation through the amendment in the Constitution, it will be impossible to give adequate representation to Sindhis as in present political setup of the country. We have developed  a strong cast based society where every person votes in favour of his own cast. Therefore, there is no chance for Sindhi candidate to get elected (barring rare incidents in 53 years) without reservation.

            It may be mentioned that a special arrangement for Sindhi community is also justified, as in Sind assembly before partition of our country, 22 Hindu Sindhis were elected representative to call its own representative. This is clear cut case of injustice which need to be redressed by suitable amendment in the Constitution.

Benefits of Backward Class To Sindhis:

            Since Sindhis have lost their whole State and on that account suffer from several disadvantages viz. political, socially and in several other ways, therefore they have become in forefront. To bring them on par with other citizens, they should be given benefits of Backward Classes. It will be proper to make suitable amendment in Article 16 (4) of be partially redressed and they will get some opportunity to come up in mainstream of the nation.