Unity,  Integrity & Harmony of all the Sindhis


formed on:     October 2nd, 1998

National President:

Shri Parmanand Khattar  (Ex. Minister, Gujarat State)
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    Sindhis are the only community in the history of mankind after Yahudi community who have been rendered homeless and landless after cruel partition of the country in 1947. This Statelessness rendered Sindhis politicaly orphans in thier own country, we Sindhis have no single representatives, to call our own in Loksabha, Rajyasabha and state Assemblies, who can raise the issue concerning Sindhis on the floor of the above houses. In absence of any representatives, Sindhis are deprived of  their  legitimate Rights of quality at par with other citizens of the country.

        To fight against above Injustice meted out to community some local Sindhi Organizations have been doing their bit since last several years with no desired result. Hence, it was imperative to have an organization with its wings in entire nation in true sense and NRI representatives from all over the globe.

        Keeping above objectives in view and to unite Sindhis scattered in all parts of India and abroad, Sindhi Council Of India under the able leadership and efforts of Shri Suresh A. Keswani (Ex. M.P. Rajya Sabha) was formed on October 2nd, 1998 on auspicious day of  Gandhi Jayanti at Jhulelal Temple Sindhu Bhawan, Secunderabad.  Sub-sequently, at 2nd National Convention at Nagpur Constitution of Sindhi Council Of India as adopted and registered under the society's Act 1860 with its Headquarters at Delhi.

Structure    :    Sindhi Council Of India consist of 10 Regions, out of which 9 Regions are for Sindhis in India and 10th Region is for NRI Sindhis. Thirty Founder representatives are nominated from each region forming 300 strong House of Representative of Sindhis.

Main Object    :    The chief objective of this Body is to safeguard the ethnic and political identify , safety and security ofSindhis by   providing them their own governance machinery, some thing like Landless Government.

    The Sindhi Council Of India aims to be an Apex Body to project the united voice of the Sindhis before the Union Government of India and also the respective State Governments. Further the Council intends to be active at other national and international fora.

Appeal    :    To further expand and to reach every Sindhi at grass-root level, we have started opening chapters (Branches) of the Council in suburbs, cities, towns wherever Sindhis are and intend to open hundreds of such branches in every part of the country. To support and show the solidarity in the cause of community each one of you is requested to join Sindhi Council Of India by subscribing the membership by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 100 (Re. One Hundred only) for 3 years at the Council chapter nearest to your area or can contact office bearers for further information.

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